Best Pool Designs of 2021

Best Pool Designs of 2021

A swimming pool is truly one of the nicest and most desired house elements during the summer months. An experienced pool builder can turn your home into a destination in the summer for friends and family to gather and have a good, cool time during the otherwise blazing summer. Pool design however, can be a complex subject for someone unfamiliar with the subject because there are just so many choices to select for your pool. Pool design has come a long way since the blue bottomed rectangular shapes we are used to seeing.

Pool Shape

Many pools are designed in a cookie cutter fashion, where one size fits all. A lot of pool builders will just give you the same generic rectangle they gave their last clients, but some pool companies, such as us at Artisan Pools will give you an experienced, customized pool renovation and design experience. We can customize the shape of your pool to fit the space available at your home and optimize the amount of pool you get with your purchase.

Foliage and Green Pool Design

Many pool companies are starting to go the green route in 2020 pool design. Pool renovation often includes flower and bush work around the pool to create the sense of natural beauty within the pool space. This often can be paired with a gazebo or awning off of the house to create some shade to go along with the green space.

Water Features

Some pools make use of waterfalls or fountains to create an elegant look for the pool rather than just a flat body of water. Water features make use of verticality to create an eye pop for the otherwise flat pool and flat land that it requires. This paired with the foliage mentioned in the last idea can create a great pool design that really plays off of itself.

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